What is an MLM textbook?

I am a sales representative of a Japanese MLM company. I am not a distributor in this industry. I have been working for a leading company for about 15 years. It's been 15 years since I've experienced success and failure as a MLM company.


What is MLM

with time
The industry is evolving, but the essence is that basically nothing needs to change.
It is "to convey good things to acquaintances".

In other words, communication business.


The difference between success and failure

The interesting part of this industry is
The failed distributors have something in common.

What we discovered in the MLM industry in about 15 years and the difference between success and failure
Described in the MLM Success Textbook.

When you visit this site,

I think that the person who achieves the goal in MLM, the person who is looking for a place to challenge, and the distributor in various positions.

In addition, for those who want to expand their organization into the Japanese market, this is an opportunity to learn about Japanese MLM.


This site is "a way of continuous success from the perspective of the presiding company".
I wish you success.

In addition, we hope that this site will be an opportunity to become more healthy in the MLM industry.


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